3/11/2011 - Cohn, 1928

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    nice stalemate, a draw is better than a lost

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    Nice! Helps one think of Stalemates as a viable option to extract from a weak position. I was stumped initially too.

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    "how have i solved it? surely white loses..."

    No, white surely draws :)

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    2-4-6TriNitroToluene wrote:

    "how have i solved it? surely white loses..."

    No, white surely draws :)

    No,white surely loses

    1...Qxe3 2.Kxe3 Kd5 3.Kd3 Kc5

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    Jpr wrote:

    how have i solved it? surely white loses...

    Jpr, actually white forces a stalemate because after black takes the rook white has no legal moves.

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    Wow what a forced draw!

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    Nice one :D

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    localoptimum wrote:

    The solution doesn't make any sense.  PB2, KD2 (or e2), black promotes.  What am I missing please?  

     if black x rook on d/e file , the white king is stalemated.....an obvious answer is not to that( protect b. to pomote pawn). here the rook will check for a draw or to create  HEAD ACHE.

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    THE BLACK KING IS A PARTNER FOR WHITE, as the queen is pinned-so if rxq or qxr, stalemate(b. pawn covering c2 is nice......

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    Oh! really good

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    v nice one

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    nice puzzle thx

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    I agree, White will lose. How is that a good puzzle? OBJECTIVE: Postpone Your loss.

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    Admin350 wrote:
    Jpr wrote:

    how have i solved it? surely white loses...

     I understand that it becomes a stalemate, but in these cases stalemates seem stupid... white can't move because if he does, he gets taken, but isn't that the point?  Black should win this one because it was he that forced white into "passing" because he had no available move. An unfortunate, (and counter-intuitive, if not "cheating") rule of chess.  To me this is a checkmate, and when i teach people how to play, i will always tell them so, chess is about winning, not forcing a "draw" in favor of the loser.

    I'm sorry if it seems like "cheating" to you, but those are the rules, and you'll be doing a disservice to anyone you teach different - better would be to point them towards the actual Laws of Chess, easily accessed through the wonders of the internet.

    If you don't like the idea of stalemate being a draw, perhaps you should play Chinese chess, where the rules would indeed be more to your liking.

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