3/1/2011 - Nikolai Zinoviev, Lisove gospodarsto, 1994

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    MadDogOfist wrote:
    jgl1976 wrote:
    MadDogOfist wrote:

    Premove is a feature of online play that is impossible in live play. Online play is not necessarilly a direct copy of live play: witness not needing to move the rook when castling, or removing the pieces from the board when taking them, or the need to say 'j'adjust' when making sure your pieces are within their squares. It's a different game: premove just shows you know what the other guy is going to do. It makes 1 minute games possible. It shows your ability.

    jgl1976 should accept the new reality and stop winging like a little bitch. 

    WTF? None of the data you just provided has any truth (you castle with one hand in live chess and here all castling is done at the same speed)...you make no sense go do the puzzle 32 more times and meet with doctors to talk about it.... 

    I am sorry for my awful language. I'm afraid to say I was rather half cut at the time, but that is no excuse.

    However, my feelings as to premove remain the same. In normal, physical chess, one has to make two moves to castle, picking up the king and the rook to move to their respective positions. In computer or online play, it is only a king move. This difference is a function of the format.

    As is premove.

    One only premoves when one knows, or thinks one knows, what one's opponent is going to do. It is a bet you stake that you have thought of all of the possibilities and the next move you take is going to be the same whatever the opponent does.  I have lost games because of an ill-conceived premove. I have also won games with fractions of a second on the clock because I had a won position and the knowledge of how to convert that position into a win AND the ability to premove. Is it not right that the won position wins over the lost, whatever the state of the clock? The added difficulty being: knowing all the possible variations the opponent can counter with and accounting for them with one move. 

    I am tired of seeing comments about premove's aparent illegality, when it is simply a new possibility presented by the advent of online play. However, that is no excuse for my language, and I unreservedly appologise. 

    No reason to apologies, I am just suggesting in LIVE 1 min RATED bullets we try to line up with the physical world rather than virtual possibilities. I am not saying get rid of the premove from chess.com but rather from just 1 min rated games.

    Cheers Dude,


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    W00t for knights

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    i wanted black to win : (

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    easy one

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    Awesome puzzle

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    gambit13 wrote:

    Why do people post "first"?

    Because they are can't resolve the puzzle :)

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    Boom, wonder how he got such a lead.

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    FabioR wrote:
    gambit13 wrote:

    Why do people post "first"?

    Because they are can't resolve the puzzle :)

    when they cannot solve the puzzle.. they post "first".

    if u want to know who cannot solve the puzzle.. see who post "first", "second", or maybe "third"

    because they cannot post what is the posibility of other moves on the puzzle and the explanation why we cant move here or why we must move that way.. because they never know.. they just know how to wait daily puzzle update and quickly post "first" then they will feel no embarrasing anymore..

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    Nice and easy.

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    F##k! Only 2% of people who post actually have something important, insightful, or necessary to say.

    And yes I realize the contradiciton of my post.

    But seriously... EVERY DAY I see the same stupid comments about "oh man that wasn't the best move" or something even more inane such as "first!".

    Just LOOK at the puzzle until it makes sense to you. Rg7 leads to mate next move, the only move that leads to mate in 2, because it pushes the bishop off the diagonal that defends against Rg8#. It's a lesson in how to avoid interference - the bishop delaying mate by getting in the way of the rook - as well as tempo/zugzwang - noticing the bishop is the only dark piece allowed to move next turn.

    If all of you loudmouths would spend more time LEARNING chess instead of complaining about how the puzzle HAS TO be false you'd probably become a good chess player faster.

    Idea: next time you're confused don't accuse the puzzle writers of being stupid or that they're liars; just LOOK at the puzzle and try to reason backwards why that was the most correct move. If you're still confused post something like "I am not clear as to why this is the best move, could someone help me?"


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    Why not Rc1 as alternative?

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    i think they they are making fun of us by putting this kind of puzzle or ......

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    im feelin so fly like a G6!!

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    What is the object of the 'Daily Puzzle'?  As was mentioned above, this one was too simplistic.  Also there are two solutions to mate in two moves.  Perhaps the objective is to be the first person to post after the puzzle goes online...

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    stevedavenati wrote:
    ...Just LOOK at the puzzle until it makes sense to you. Rg7 leads to mate next move, the only move that leads to mate in 2, because it pushes the bishop off the diagonal that defends against Rg8#. ...

    Rh1 ?

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