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3/14/2012 - Jansa-Novotny, Prague 1969

  • #121

    Good puzzle.  I couldn't see beyond

    3. Nc7+?  Qxc7
    4. dxc7 ......

    Once again, Queen sac is the way to go.

  • #122

    Very clever!

  • #123
    Sidd123 wrote:


    And you felt it necessary to show us this tardfight because...?

  • #124

    this is not even piece of cake..... its plain butter

  • #125

    Good one indeed.

  • #126

    Very pretty mate. In a real game I'm sure I would've played 1.Nf7+,Qxf7 2.Qxf7,Kf8 3.Qe7+,Kg7 4.Qxd7.

  • #127

    AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #128

    knight super......

  • #129
    ethan31 wrote:

    The Knight and the Queen make a great pair.

    I think that the Queen should marry the Knight.

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    The q. sac is the most tempting.....puzzle is first class for a n. mate in the center-----hard to bring off in actural play,in fact i don't think i've ever seen one.

  • #132

    Yes very clever- like everybody else the lure of the Queen is toooo much

  • #133

    I like when puzzles like these arise from actual games.

    I liked this puzzle very much.

  • #134

    Yeah, I went for the queen, too.

  • #135

    nice queen sac!

  • #136

    Another smothered mate !!!! NICE....

  • #137

    I am just curious .Does first mean first to solve the puzzle or first to see it .is there really a competition  for that?Are the puzzles posted in a random time of the day or is there a specific country time when the puzzles are changed.This is my first time I have ever commented on first comments. No offence at all,I am just curious.

  • #138

    Good Puzzle!!!!!

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  • #140
    max1985 wrote:

    I am just curious .Does first mean first to solve the puzzle or first to see it

    Neither-- it's a daily race among attention whores to see which can most quickly demonstrate he's a moron.


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