3/28/2012 - Mate in 3


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nice move made me think all possible move for knight to put check


just guessed. got it rightTongue out


Mating black in the center.


Checkmate by pawn.

dufferps wrote:
naziri wrote:

there is another force checkmate but in 4 move.

1.Ng3+  Kf4 2.Rf7+  Bf6 3.Rxf6+  gxf6 4.Rxf6#


Thanks, Naziri, for posting that line.
I was unable to see the 1. g4+ solution;  1. Ng3 was my first choice for the opening move.  I'm quite sure I would have followed with 2. Rf7+  (I was sort of oblivious to the lurking bishop and would have been surprised by 2. ... Bf6, but I think I would have seen my way through it to 4. Rxf6#)

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