3/29/2012 - Mate in 6

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    Nice one, pretty easy though.

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    Actually it is pretty good. Strangely I found the moves quickly and correctly. For me, today's puzzle was easier than some less ingtricate puzzles.  I think the difficulties we face, in chess and in life, has to do with the way we think as much as the real (absolute?) degree of difficulty or ease of the problem.

    I am afraid such rambling might not be relevant so:

    Not on first page  

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    Simple one

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    Good one.

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    A rocking tournament.

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    i like this puzzle!


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    Nice set up, harder than it looked.

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    I did not see this...had to get solution. I am thoroughly enjoying the thought provoking puzzles from chess.com. Thank you very much! 

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    nice and enjoyable

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    good puzzle but black can move better

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    Great puzzle

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    Nice variation on the rook column "arms race" buildup (no, I don't study chess games like some of you, so it's my own phrase).  I got it, intuitively knew to clear out the back row, knew the bishop had to attack to open up the column and put immediate pressure on.  Really no hope for black after move number one.  It sounds intimidating, "Mate in 6," but really it's a pretty straightforward net once you get it started.  Very fun!

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    very nice,,,,,,,Cool

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