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3/31/2012 - Bill Melvin v Robert Cunningham

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    long puzzle, probably wont see this far in a real game in 5 minutes

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    Rather than playing the extremely fancypants and (I believe) flawed 2.Bg6?! the commonsense 2.Qxc7 is correct... the puzzle solution is cooked. 5....Be7 is an error, 5...Be5! leaves the e7 square as an escape for the black K and keeps black in the game.


    Oh dear, the "commonsense" 2.Qxc7?? is rather a game exploding blunder though, isn't it?!

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    easy puzzles

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    So close to first!

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    This was a cool puzzle. tricky!

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    question move2 y doesn't balck take bishop??

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    So very instructive, amazing game, nice puzzle, thanx for sharing...

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    Talk about turning the tables on your opponent !
      Got stuck on one or two moves in this one but a nine-move, not always intuitive puzzle is quite a challenge (some posts claim to have done this without errors - really ?)

    I didn't see for a moment or two why black wouldn't take the bishop at g6 but it obstructs black's attack down the g-file. White dare not take black's queen at c7 for the same reason.
    'ndskykng'  points out the inconsistency of those who question the first of these but not the second - is it because they havn't noticed that the black queen can even be taken perhaps ?
    Anyway, a good puzzle.

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    Solved first try by process of elimination. Cool

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    Very tricky puzzle.

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    Very Nice!

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    Very cute.

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    so silly puzzle

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    I did not see that pawn coming

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    Nice puzzle - white has so many of his pieces en prise at the same time.

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    That was fun.

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    You know it, I got it.

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