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3/31/2012 - Bill Melvin v Robert Cunningham

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    why not 2....hxg6?

    Second this.

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    Deadpool23 wrote:

    That was fun its nice to see a puzzle that doesn't end in checkmate.

    Keep going: ... Kc7; Ba5# checkmate

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    Really nice!

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    I think I made 5 or 6 moves correctly. Very tough!

    Yes Kernel, I think 2..hxg6 blocks in the rook and white can safely grab the queen.

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    Should have got up sooner, and could have been on the first page, good puzzle.

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    great puzzle! thanks for d lessons melvin!

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    hxg6 wud have been a win for black !!! what am i missing?

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    I gave this problem to Fritz and it played 5... Bd5. Saved the position sort of

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    9. ... Kc7

    10. Ba5#

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    nice puzzle

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    A proper and fantastic puzzle!

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    Very tricky indeed

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    thats crazy man! just WOW, white was due checkmate in 2 moves and white had no choice but to give check in every move..dis was a tactical wonder

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    Marnu123 wrote:

    I gave this problem to Fritz and it played 5... Bd5. Saved the position sort of

    Yes.  I was also wondering about 5...Bd5 as well as 4...Kd7 and if 5. Rd1+ Bd5.  I am guessing both of these lines are winning for white, but they look like they take more effort, in large part due to white's hanging pieces.  It also appears that the d7 square is a very important escape square for black which he wants to leave open.

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    Gil-Gandel wrote:

    waah waah doesn't go on to checkmate waah waah...

    Neat play!

    it does go to mate


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    Why do puzzles these days dont feature checkmates ??!! Whhhyyy!!!

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    Still great though

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    becoz g2


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