3/31/2012 - Bill Melvin v Robert Cunningham

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    nice puzzle.. :))

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    dufferps wrote:
    fabill wrote:

    That's the question for me, when did he see the end for black, or did it manafacture itself as a matter of progress ...giving up the queen so hard to do, and so hard not to take..wow

    I share your wonderment about when Cunningham saw the end; when he started moving with that in mind.  Usually it can only happen when you can see a sequence of forced moves.

    On "so hard not to take" -- It was hard in the sense of "I wish I could," but the palpable black threat on g2 with his rook backed up by the Bishop made it an easy decision to not take the black Queen.

    Agree with duff, on the "I wish I could" sentiments. The threat on g2 is one of the easier layers of this puzzle to recognize.  So hard to see the other aspects through the end though.

    To be quite honest, I'm shocked that the thread isn't getting repeated questions of

    a. "Why not 2. Qxc7??"

    but instead we are getting repeated questions of

    b. Why not 2.... hxg6??"

    My feeling is if you've ALREADY recognized that a. The Black queen is a 'poisoned' queen on move two due to the threat on g2... then you would also know that b. Taking the black queen is ok now after pawn takes bishop, since the pawn locks in the rook by this point.

    Just think if you knew one, you should know the other.

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    This is very hard!

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    Pretty decent.


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    that was fun

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    i thought it would be checkmate

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    wew.nice. :)

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    so why cant black play 2 hxg6

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    That was awesome.  Got most of it first try.  What foresight!

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    What does first and first page mean??

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    Q x Q

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    not the first, but the worst

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    What would had been this way ? : 1. Rxe6+ Kd8 2. Qxf6+ Kc,

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    excellent ! realy maza aa gaya

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    ndskykng wrote:
    Jeffmon wrote:

    @Therell- If it was taken from a real game, it makes sense that it would end when black resigned. It would be a bit of a misrepresentation if it kept going.

    Agreed.  The puzzle wouldn't accurately reflect the real life game if it kept going to checkmate. Also explains why black may have missed a move or two in the puzzle, especially his blunder on move 6, taking the queen instead of dealing with the very real threat of White's b-pawn.  It's a real life game with occasional Black errors, and not the "always the best move for black" puzzles we usually see.  Great Saturday puzz!

    Yeah.  I got it with a few missteps, but it's tempting to just pick up the black queen, even with that nasty threat to white by the black bishop/rook combo.  It seems that black queen taking white queen was just too tempting; definitely a blunder, but a hard one to see when you're under the gun.  White pawn was definitely an overlooked threat.  Fantastc puzzle today.

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    I did not solve this one that fast.Great puzzle

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    chess ka jalwa ..........atif fridi

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