3/31/2012 - Bill Melvin v Robert Cunningham

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    Pretty decent.


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    that was fun

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    i thought it would be checkmate

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    wew.nice. :)

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    so why cant black play 2 hxg6

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    That was awesome.  Got most of it first try.  What foresight!

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    What does first and first page mean??

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    Q x Q

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    not the first, but the worst

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    What would had been this way ? : 1. Rxe6+ Kd8 2. Qxf6+ Kc,

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    excellent ! realy maza aa gaya

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    ndskykng wrote:
    Jeffmon wrote:

    @Therell- If it was taken from a real game, it makes sense that it would end when black resigned. It would be a bit of a misrepresentation if it kept going.

    Agreed.  The puzzle wouldn't accurately reflect the real life game if it kept going to checkmate. Also explains why black may have missed a move or two in the puzzle, especially his blunder on move 6, taking the queen instead of dealing with the very real threat of White's b-pawn.  It's a real life game with occasional Black errors, and not the "always the best move for black" puzzles we usually see.  Great Saturday puzz!

    Yeah.  I got it with a few missteps, but it's tempting to just pick up the black queen, even with that nasty threat to white by the black bishop/rook combo.  It seems that black queen taking white queen was just too tempting; definitely a blunder, but a hard one to see when you're under the gun.  White pawn was definitely an overlooked threat.  Fantastc puzzle today.

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    I did not solve this one that fast.Great puzzle

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    chess ka jalwa ..........atif fridi

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    Hard one

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    BobMumm wrote:

    What would had been this way ? : 1. Rxe6+ Kd8 2. Qxf6+ Kc,

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    Tough one, but a good puzzle.

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