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3/31/2012 - Bill Melvin v Robert Cunningham

  • #161

    not sure if there is any one that could pass up on a hanging queen on move 2 but i liked the puzzle,its different

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  • #163

    I only missed the cxb6 move :S nice puzzle though and so well-calculated!

  • #164

    But what if 4. - Kd7 ?
    (see my previous comment)

  • #165

    I don't get it. wouldn't blacks second be xf6?

  • #166
    idraz wrote:
    grand_patzer wrote:

    why not 2....hxg6?

    i have the same question

    because 2. ..hxg6? 3.Qxc7! and black has no compensation!

  • #167

    There's a mate after queening :)

    9. bxa8=Q+, Kc7

    10. Ba5+ Black is checkmated!

  • #168

    ooh.... it's a tough puzzle. but finally i solved.

  • #169

    just amazing... I like it...

  • #170

    Still, it seems to me that the puzzle is wrong. I do not see what to do after 4. - Kd7. Any idea?

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    ndskykng wrote:
    BobMumm wrote:

    You are right, but me too, lost but later, ... aren´t me ?


  • #173

    @CsokaEndre- I think 5.Qb2 is a good move in your line, but there may be better. I didn't bother looking at more than one continuation so there's a lot of room for improvement for either side I'm sure.

    Edit: Actually I think 8..Ke8 is better. 8..Ke6, 9.Qxd5+ Kf6, 10.Bc3+ black loses the queen.

  • #174

    Good puzzle!

  • #175

    Great puzzle.

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  • #177

    why not 2....hxg6?

    QxQ (can't do it earlier since g2 is under attack)

  • #178

    very nice

  • #179

    But what if 6. - Qxc5 ?

  • #180

    @CsokaEndre- It's dangerous to leave the g6 bishop on the board. 6..Qxc5, 7.Rxd5+ exd5, 8.Qxb7+ Ke6, 9.Qf7+ Ke5, 10.Bc3+ Kd6, 11.Bb4 pins the queen.


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