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3/3/2012 - Fischer - Benko, New York 1963

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    On 1. Bxd4 exd4 2. Rf6 Kg8 3. e5 h6 don't play 4. exd6 because 4...Qe3+ 5. Kh1 Qg5 6. Qxg5 hxg5.  There is now no mate threat and white's rook on f6 and knight on c3 are hanging, saving black.

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    so nice

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    easy.. only because i've seen the rook block theme before against the slightly weakened king

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    melvinbluestone wrote:
    Chessvideoclub_com wrote:
    melvinbluestone wrote:

    "The zwischenzug Benko missed!" ....... Bobby Fischer, from My 60 Memorable Games.  Any excuse to use a cool word like zwischenzug!

    :-) Like Zugzwang :-) Zwischenzug sounds better than Inbetweenmove :-)

     You're so right! I wonder, can this word be used as a verb? For example: "I was on my way to work, but I zwischenzugged to the bar for a beer." Or maybe "I would have retired, but for the zwischenzug recession." How about "Hillary would have been President but she missed the zwischenzug Obama."

    :-) There is no way to use "Zwischenzug" as a verb. Maybe you can use something like "dazwischengezogen" or "zwischenziehen". :-)

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    Fischer was a great player.

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    relatedsqrs wrote:

    Fischer was a great player.

    By all means!! :)

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    Excellent Fischer like always

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    Couldn't get 2nd move but I see the need for it now. But why did black play 2....Kg8 ? - there's no escape there.  Surely, much better is 2....h6  then 3.e5  Qe6  at least this spoils the easy mate via  4.Rxh6  leading to Qh7#   If white accepts the queen sac. with Rxe6 then fxe6 provides a possible escape route for black via g8 & f7.

    Summing up;

    2.Rf6   h6

    3.e5    Qe6

    4.Rxe6  fxe6

    5.Qf6   Kg8

    This may only postpone mate but that's a worthwile objective.

     You mean 5. Qg6 not Qf6.

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    benjdonnelly wrote:

    why go Rf6? can't you skip it and move pawn E5 and then Qh7 for checkmate. I don't understand K to G8, seems like a wasted move.

     Look for my post with chess board diagram at 8th section, it explains it.

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    gutartas wrote:


    why not just ignore bishop take knight and just save oyurself from mate

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    jdragoncorts wrote:
    gutartas wrote:


    why not just ignore bishop take knight and just save oyurself from mate

    Black can do that but would be a piece down and lose the game.

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