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3/3/2012 - Fischer - Benko, New York 1963

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    I'm sooooo bad.  I have to learn that sometimes sacifice can be a good thing.  Just like life.  Maybe that's why chess is so popular?

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    avoiding exd4, don´t lose, ... do it ?

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    Now that was COOL!!Cool

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    whats wrong with 2 e5 threatening mate on h7?

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    Never mind. Had another look. f7 needs to be restrained.

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    Wow.  Now THAT's a Saturday puzzle!  Fischer, no queen sac, lots of look-aheads, it's full of rooky goodness.  Thanks, Chess.com.

    (I got it, but that second move was a random try.  When I got move #2, I was like, "What what what what what!?!?!?"  First move, I knew I had to make room to open up the bishop though.  I'm going to study this one.  Excellent!)

    It's also nice not to see unrated/low-rated players posting "First" and "Easy."  I'm not looking it up, but what was that quote by Ben Franklin?  Something like "Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you're a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."  Paraphrased.

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    Maybe someone already posted this, there is really no way of knowing at this point Smile. The reason this is winning for white (I had to use fritz): 

    The point is white wins a knight

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    Well, my bad.  I looked back at the first page and saw two "firsters."  At least one of them had a decent rating.  I guess wanting people to grow up is asking for too much.  Perhaps the second firster (the 2000+ player) may have a legit claim.

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    this is a great puzzle coming from fisher!!


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    I tried 2.e5! also.  After 2...f5 3. exf6 is possible due to the en passant rule.

    What am I missing?

  • #113

    The hanging queen

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    easy :)

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    That's master!

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    Yup, missed the discovered attack on the queen.  Thanks for the help.

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    did not see that rook move at all.......nice one!


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