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3/4/2014 - Revelation

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    dufferps wrote:
    humanistmind wrote:

    I had 3 moves. 1. RxR NxR  2. Ne8+ BxN 3. Qd8# The 2 move solution...obviously better.

    Interesting thought process here.  Once you see this mate-in-3,  the mate in 2 solution (which uses much the same mating situation - Queen, protected by the d1 Rook, mates on an adjacent-diagonal square) becomes all the more obvious,  But once we see a sure-fire forced mating combo, it is hard to shift and look for something better.  Only if we are told there is a "mate-in-2" solution do we look any burther,

    Thanks dufferps. You're absolutely right of course. My stubbornness about my 3 move mate WAS difficult to let go of---and did add time to my search for the simpler solution. Good call.

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    piece of cake

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    The other weakness in mine is that 2. ...BxN is not forced. There are King moves options for Black, but in continuation those just lead to other major problems for him---with a White win inevitable.

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    Wow, I completely missed that one.

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    Easy peasy..

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    Pretty nice.

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    Great puzzle...nice and easy :)

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    great puzzle but not first page

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    why it is everytime so simple??

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    i never get 1st page!

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    i dont even get close!

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    nice puzzle

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    I guess.


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    Easy derp

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    Every day I am getting closer to the first page. I am almost there. 

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