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3/7/2011 - Mate in 2

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    good 1

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    sounds easy!

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    This puzzel is nice and simple! The white knight is the key!

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    freelunch wrote:

    there are 3 ways white can mate:

    Ne3 g1Q (or e1Q) Rf8#

    Nd5 e1Q Rf8+ Qe8 Rxe8#

    Rxg2 e1Q Rg8+ Qe8 Rxe8#

    The last two take one move more, and therefore are worse?! Oh, come on! THis clearly is a composed chess problem, and if people make a chess problem, they should put more effort in it to make it a good one, instead of fleeing to this easy way out.

    Because the problem isn't trying to make sure you can win a game that ends up in this exact position. The problem is trying to help you see the pattern of cutting off potential blockers before you rush to give check/checkmate. Perhaps in a real game, e8 would be hit twice and so you would need to block it with the Knight, and not just play Rxg2.

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    Good one.

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    MesteruM wrote:


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    tsech wrote:

    Why not Nd4?

    crag9 wrote:

    why not Nd4? easy puzzle anyway


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    nice puzzle

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    Boumsy wrote:


    Error with the problem setter, should have been announced as White to move and mate in two.

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    nice and easy

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    Easy one.

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    no comment x.x

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    i had trouble seeing why ne3 was better than nd4- both allow mate but ne3 allows the e2 pawn to promote, then when rf1+, black can block for 1 move with Qe8.  It's still mate of course.

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    nice one.

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    Funny one

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    3 solution: Ne3, Nd4 and Rxg2

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    not bad

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    Coddington wrote: Sooo.... people should stop complaining about premove and just play chess.

     Yell U GOT A LOT OF NERVE! "U" should JUST PLAY CHESS! pre-moveington!

    Cool puzzle.



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