4/21/2018 - Pogosjants, 1970


"And thanks for directing me to Qoko's post. Didn't understand it at first because of the typo in his final moves ([5. ...] Rg3+ [sic - should be 5. ... Rg4+] 6. Kf3). Kinda makes my first post that Bob answered redundant."

Fixed, cheers. Hastily and all eh. Good studies tend to fire me up quickly; up to a point where I can just cringe at players suggesting even losing moves (2.h8=Q olol) without properly looking why the alternative may perhaps not be as good.

Can't add much to what you guys said afterwards: many variations I did not include were situations where the tactics repeat or the R+2N vs R occurs.

  • 2.... alternatives lead to RxR with R+2N vs R.
  • 3.... alternatives already have R+2N vs R on the board.
  • 4. alternatives lead to black retaking the rook opposition (ie Rb2 Rb4! etc.

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how are you supposed to think of that!

YaleGriffin wrote:

how are you supposed to think of that!

By reading books on endgame studies and endgame technique in general.  When William Caxton brought printing to England, the second and most popular book he published in English was The Game and Playe of Chesse.  However, it was not instruction in chess but an "allegory of fixed social structures where each rank has its allotted role."  That said, more books have been printed about chess than all the other games combined.  You should be able to find one to help you. wink.png


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