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4/10/2012 - Mate in 4

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    easy but interesting

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    very easy one

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    and soft one

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    that was SO easy

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    Pretty Eaasyy, butt nicce :D

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    why should I be "helpful, relevant, and nice" I"ll be mean if I have to, watch, you suck people?

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    Made it.

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    Excellent checkmate.  And I blundered on the fourth move
    (4. Ra1+ Qa5, 5.Rxa5+ bxa5, so now, 6.Qa6#.    
    ---- which could have been done on the 4th move)

    I didn't see that 4. ... Qa5.

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    Like this post right above me, I hate when beginners or weak players make bad (i could call them worse) "puzzles" that make NO sense at all.

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    djbehning wrote:


    Sorry lol this ones better/easier, Mate in 3 sorry about the other one lol

    I think what gimme is trying to say is that you can't just make puzzles where Black makes obvious blunders that fit what YOU want him to do.  What's your mate-in-3 after 1. g6 for example?


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    Yep, that rook on f1 was just too tempting - I fell for 4.Ra1+ as well. Nothing wrong with having pieces dotted about that lead you off on false paths - makes it more interesting. But the correct solution is mate in the least number of moves.

    As for those who say this was easy, doesn't that mean obvious from a first look ? - because it wasn't to me.

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    Good one...

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    very nice

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    it's not a good puzzle, 


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