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4/14/2012 - White to Draw

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    good one again

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    Much clearer now than when I started.

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    nice move...

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    Nice to see a draw for a change.

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    Rameish wrote:

    In the puzzle by Odinnhs, after 1. Qh3+, Kd6, why not 2. Ne4#

    Well spotted but he also missed 4.Qd5#

    Not always a good idea to broadcast your victories ?

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    nice puzzle

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    I didn't see that at all! here is a trap.


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    good one

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    Hi! Pies'n'Guys In Skyes With chess.com Good Puzzle This Satuday. Useful I Believe. Ciao!

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    I know i am just make more fun 

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    RMDillinger wrote:

    I only got this puzzle because the title said white was to draw. I am surprised white gave up so easily. If I were in this position in a game I would be more likely to play Rd4. There is probably a combination I am missing but it seems like a much stronger move.

    I cannot see an Immediate threat (forced mate) from black and exchanging rooks would at least reduce the pressure on the bishop.

    I will admit that barring any blunders the game does look like it is heading for a draw anyway but to force it without attempting a win seems foolish.

    1.Rd4  Rxf2+,  2.Kxf2  Qe2+, 3.Kg1  Qxf3
    I think black now has the advantage.  What can white do at this point?

    4. Rd2  Qxg3+,

    4. Rd8  Qxg3+,  5.Kf1 Qxh3+  6.Kg1  Qg3+.

    From there I find lots of variations -- too many to analyze all -- but I think black will win.

    7. Kh1 Re1+  8. Qxe1  Q+e1+,  9.Kg2  Qxb4, ......

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    ndskykng wrote:
    dufferps wrote:

    Very impressive.  I can see how this line forces the draw.  Black King MUST move back and forth between g7 and g8-or-h8 and soon draw by repeated positions, checked by the f7-f8 Rook (while the f4 Rook prevents escape to h6, because Rf7+ Kf6, Rh4+ Kg5, Pawnf4#).

    However,  I think there are other lines in which Black cannot force a win.
    For instance, I haven't found a forced black win after 1. Qf1.

    No win yet, but can get a material advantage I think


    But I think white would respond to 1. ... Qc2 with 2. Rc4

    This is a really tough one to fully analyze.

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    dufferps wrote:

    But I think white would respond to 1. ... Qc2 with 2. Rc4

    This is a really tough one to fully analyze.

    Yeah, but then Black would still get away with the bishop theft and the material advantage I was talking about before.


    3. Qxf2 Qxc4

    Regarding ur analysis of Rd4, I think Bryan's analysis is helpful, and bringing in another attacker with 2...Re2+ is more accurate to get your mate-in-5. If the King declines the rook, you can still set up your discovered check when the queen takes on f3 as you've mentioned earlier.

    It is tough to analyze, but that's the beauty of Sat puzzles....

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    ok i kind of get it


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