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4/14/2012 - White to Draw

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    Nice one!

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    Actually is going to be a win for White. Why is it called as "White to Draw". In few more moves it will be a White win.

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    I found that one really easy to find given the title, but playing it in a game is a different matter.

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    gdan00 wrote:


    if black doesn't accept the draw with Kh6, it follows a simple mate


    1. Qh8+ Kxh8 2. Rxf8+ Kg7 3. Rf7+ Kh6 4. Rh4+ Kg5 5. f4#

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    Nice drawing technique.

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    fbaski wrote:

    You should have placed this puzzle in today's (1-17-13) comments so more people would see it and be able to learn from it.


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