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4/15/2012 - Mate in 1

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    this is not a puzzle unless you are under 1000

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    huh? too easy

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    Mate in 6 a few days ago - too hard. Now mate in 1, too easy. Give us something in the middle!

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    MartinUKL wrote:

    No harm in an easy puzzle, such a move could be easily overlooked in the heat of a real game.

    Absolutely.  Puzzles just give you a problem and ask you to find the best move(s).  In an actual game, you're occupied with plans and counterplans. (It's why my TT rating is 200-300 higher than my live.)

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    what is this ?

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    ChessisGood wrote:
    djbehning wrote:

    lololololol easy...


    Here is a puzzle:

    8 moves for white.


    This is garbage.


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    Rather easy, but that's OK...a nice change after some of the hard ones, and besides, it gives me the illusion I'm smart when I can solve it so fast :)

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    Worst puzzle ever

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    SO EASY!!!!

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    its still a good puzzleTongue out

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    blugene501 wrote:                                                                             #181

    f**k it

    For those of you with children who visit this site, do you want them reading things like this ?

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    much to simple

  • #196

    why put a mate in 1?

  • #197

    nice puzzle

  • #198

    too easy even for a sunday puzzle...

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    I like a good change of pace. I tend to over complicate things sometimes when it comes to chess.

  • #200

    its not even a beeping mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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