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4/15/2012 - Mate in 1

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    uhhh is this even a puzzle?

  • #22

    What the heck was that.  If someone is nerdy enough to post on a chess site I would pray that they would know how to solve this 'puzzle'.  Chess.com really?  I will post a puzzle for anyone who is in the mood.  Enjoy.

  • #23

    too easy........

  • #24

    sunday easy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #25

    Tongue out

  • #26

    A little too easy perhaps?

  • #27

    Very good prativa 

  • #28

    very easy

  • #29

    2 easy!!!

  • #30

    It must be Sunday becuase it took a nanosecond to solve.

  • #31

    I cant see any puzzle !!!! Tongue Out

  • #32

    Yinede Keyifliydi... :-)

  • #33

    As always, I enjoyed the puzzle.  Thanks again.

  • #34

    ! Easy!

  • #35

    extremely difficult...

  • #36

    Very very good.

  • #37
    In Vladislav777NEW777's puzzle after 5... Rg8 I believe 6. Rxh7# is mate. Exchanging the rooks is incorrect, because after 7. Nxg8 Black plays 7... Bxh3 and has a pretty easy endgame because the material is equal but a knight and bishop are stronger than a rook and pawn, and Black also has 3 passed pawns on the queenside. Also, how did White get a third rook? I don't see how White could have promoted a pawn to get a third rook.
  • #38

    first is far to easy, the second is good but why not go for check mate?

  • #39

    hard as not

  • #40

    Although it's Sunday, I can't accept such easy puzzle....


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