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4/15/2012 - Mate in 1

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    I believe that you can call this Morphy's Mate if you have to...

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    Too easy

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    easiest one yet.

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    dg-online, it even makes us rank beginners feel better:)

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    I would have found this very easy if I could have found my glasses, otherwise I want you to know it was extremely hard. This is probably why I've lost the last 8 games at the Chess Club as well. I will have to stop buying chess books (I can't read them either) I guess I will have to buy another pair of glasses in order to find the ones I've misplaced. Is this good logic ? Would this be a good move ? Using this huge magnifying glass to type is very difficult. 

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    Too easy...Surprised

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    This is way too easy. Probably the worst puzzle i've seen so far

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    too easy.

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    Circle this date on the calender.

    Chess.com has reached a whole new level of simplicity.

    Next Sundays challenge -

    What, is your name ??

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    tapped dat

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    you all say it is so easy (yes, it is quite easy) but in a real blitz match where you are in time-need, you can overlook this quite easy, you would probably trade queens, cuz then there is nobody that says or writes 'mate in 1'

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    Umm. Okay.

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    I feel good!



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