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4/15/2012 - Mate in 1

  • #101

    It's Sunday! Too easy.

  • #102

    queen f8

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    That was really silly.  Really Chess.com you have a nice site but puzzles like this is waste of time.  I assume most people are past this level of chess.  This puzzle probably belongs in elementary chess learning.

  • #104

    Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

  • #105

    very very easy!!! Cool

  • #106

    If you have any trouble with this then you should put your chess set and books on eBay.

  • #107

    If this is a puzzle, I must be a Master...

  • #108

    Is merdaaaaaaaaa

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    Vladislav, thanks for wasting my time!

  • #111

    Nothing like an easy Mate-in-1 on my BIRTHDAY! :D Also, today is Najdorf's birthday, so me and the 'dorf are birthday buddies. 

  • #112

    that was impossible

  • #113

    Failchess Sunday:  Everybody wins.

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    dufferps wrote:

    Well, it's Sunday. 

    This time, there can't be an "easier" puzzle on Monday (or any day)

    Don't be so sure.  This site never ceases to astonish us.  Whenever we think we reached the end of the scale, they move the end somehow

  • #115

    its a sunday, what do you expect?

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    Enoch-Elijah wrote:

    I would have found this very easy if I could have found my glasses, otherwise I want you to know it was extremely hard. This is probably why I've lost the last 8 games at the Chess Club as well. I will have to stop buying chess books (I can't read them either) I guess I will have to buy another pair of glasses in order to find the ones I've misplaced. Is this good logic ? Would this be a good move ? Using this huge magnifying glass to type is very difficult. 

    I know the feeling.  Dollarama has good reading glasses at a buck a piece, good for puzzles like this.  I have  about a dozen of them and lost about two dozens already..Glasses, not games

  • #117

    seriously?  I didn't even 'solve' it, just moved on

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    My mommy told me there would be days like this.

  • #120

    I got it!! I'm really getting better now!


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