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4/15/2012 - Mate in 1

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    Was this puzzle for Stevie Wonder?!

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    Was this meant to make me think twice? im a newbie but yea this was a no brainer. have made some real dumb moves lately, missed on many mate moves. oh well . i get what they mean when overlooking something . im up for a game any time if any care to play. im one of the igoogle players. cheers

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    easily ;p

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    yaKKo911 wrote:

    Very good prativa 

    why not capture the queen when it moves to g6?
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    Affff.So easy

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    Piece of cake!

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    What?! It was so easy!Yell

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    It's lady's night on f8... check this out!

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    djbehning wrote:

    Here is a puzzle:

    8 moves for white.


    There are so many things wrong with this "puzzle" I don't know where to start.

    2. Rf1 is your first blunder, Bh6+ is much better to chase the king around and win the queen outright.  Even before that why would you have Black move 1..Kf8? Toward the corner and away from his defenders??

    Next, Black would never waste a move with 4...Kg8, where did you come up with that?  He'd start harassing the King with 4..Qh4+

    Same goes for your choice 6..Kxf7, its much better to start checking with the queen and take a more active role before the threats of the passed pawn overwhelm the position

    Bottom line, white has a dominating position, but there is no way Black is just going to sit passively with that queen and not take a more active role before White can act on his threats.

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    Easy. Got it on the first try. 


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    this must have been a "pass" day at chess.com. huh huh!

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    ah so simple!

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    Too easy...Boring

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    Too too too too Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't like this puzzle at all

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    congratulations everyone, on being so smart that this was easy.

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    Vladislav777NEW777 wrote:

    Stop posting stupid fakes!!!

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    djbehning wrote:

    lololololol easy...


    Here is a puzzle:

    8 moves for white.


    This is garbage.


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