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4/16/2010 - Mate in 4

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    rundmb wrote:

    4. Nd1#

    wow! That's a brutal position for black to be in.

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    I did not solve the puzzle - did not get a mate in 4.  I still thought it would be a forced mate if I started out with Rd1+ and moved my bishops to control the adjacent diagonals (g1-a7 and f1-a6) as hensly97 and showhare did.  However, I found that black was able to maneuver his king behind queenside pawns, and put up a good enough battle to avoid mate.  Black's key would be to move 1. ... Kc5
    (not 1. ... Kc4, as played by both hensly97 and showhare).   There might still be a way for white to force a mate, but I did not find it.  (along the way, I traded the white knight for one of black's rooks, but it allowed the black king to get "unbottled," and white's material advantage was less effective than I had hoped.)

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    i'd take the queen out first, cuz he still can't move the night, then i would get a much more interesting mate

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    conghanwei wrote:



     Learn how to use the game editor to design a puzzle that's presentable, also one shouldn't have to guess the first move Laughing 

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    there are alternate mates depending on what black does, but it doesn't seem to matter.
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    Not easy

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    good one.

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    wow very nice, at first i didnt really want to sacrafice the castle but it worked out in the end :)

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    the second!!!!)

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    This one was hard for me to see at first.  Thank you for the puzzle.  Smile

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    pretty hard for me ^^

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    primitive...Tongue out

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    Way of a Grandmaster!

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