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4/17/2012 - Mate in 5

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    to yeewassup if   3 ... Kf8 then  Qf7# any way...

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    Smothered mate! Please tell me if I spelled "Smothered" right or wrong. Thank you.

  • #243

    that was classic, I first saw that mating scheme in a book by Yasser Seirawan written back in the 1990's

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    smothered mate

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    Who was the sicko that came up with this?! I LOVE IT!!!Surprised

  • #247

    its philidor's mate

  • #248

    Routine but I loved it anyway! Keep the King busy is a better title.

  • #249

    i agree with yeewassup

  • #250

    Teamwork!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it

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    yeewassup wrote:

    usually these puzzles are well thought out, but i seem to see another mate in 5, is there anything wrong with:


    not saying that this puzzle isn't well thought out

    Sometimes, there's a lot of ways to checkmate the king in a puzzle. But if you make your own puzzle in this site, you can't make two possible moves in one turn.

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    All too easy

  • #253

    I have seen this one before.

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    lol that was funnyCool

  • #256

    I'm finally starting to be able to see this immediately.

  • #257

    I like smoothered mate puzzles

  • #258

    wow so awesome, first i thought oh noo... smart!

  • #259

    I think this works too:

    1. Qe6+ Kh8 2. Nf7+ Kg8 3. Nd8+ Kh8 4. Qe8+ Qf8 5. Qxf8#

    *and you don't sacrifice your queen this way

    -oh, everyone else already noticed the second solution, so nevermind...

  • #260

    what a easy but nice puzzle


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