4/19/2012 - Sucker Punch

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    I totally thought the queen was safe when I moved it....... either way it was the right move. Tongue out

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    nice and easy!

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    slowhare wrote:
    Right on key - I love it!

    Sure wish we could play a game.

    Yeah right on key.  I'm not going to sit there while you front like I misread your intention that you thought your move was just as effective as the solution.

    slowhare wrote:

    Qxc6 works too, only move for black is Qxd4+ followed by being wiped out.

    slowhare wrote:
    Said "works too", never said mate in 4, and black will be wiped out.
    slowhare wrote:

    Na, it ends pretty easy from there. +back up the c file and domination is there.

    It's pretty clear you thought that move was just as effective, and would immediately slaughter Black afterward.  I already know I'm a jackass, I make no secret of it, and everyone regular on the threads knows my style.  But I only do it to idiotic posts like yours. Awhile back someone came up with an extremely viable mate-in-5 alternative to the puzzle solution, and backed it up with appropriate analysis.  Those arguments are extremely well thought out and earn respect, not this 'hold on to my original idea despite all evidence shown to the contrary' approach that you take.

    FYI, I don't like the banter, otherwise I never would have blocked you.  But you're right, I do feel the need to say something if you're going to pretend your intentions were different with your first post.  After awhile though, you stopped reasoning like an adult and just got stubborn and pissy cause it wasn't the immediate wiping out you thought it was.  Those banters are never fun for both parties involved.  

    Post whatever you want after this, I've already said it never should have escalated to the point it has, and just wanted it to stop there, but you have this incessant need to reignite the flames.  I'll just let you since I already know you won't listen to reason, Stephen made a great point and still you hold on to your beliefs.  Plus you already admitted that you do this only cause it's fun for you.  It's not fun for me, you're a petty man.  You take care and have a great night.

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    How many times do I have to tell you I never said it was a better solution. You go on believing you are always right and be condescending to support your superiority complex. Hell you sent me 5 or 6 private messages and blocked me so you didn't have hear a reply. Talk about petty.

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    Pretty combination. Easy to find.

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    slowhare wrote:

    Title gave it totally away.

    Qxc6 works too, only move for black is Qxd4+ followed by being wiped out.

    black queen to d4

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    asokanelson wrote:
    slowhare wrote:

    Title gave it totally away.

    Qxc6 works too, only move for black is Qxd4+ followed by being wiped out.

    black queen to d4

    Exactly what I said in my very first post, but I guess I wasn't clear enough for some.

    ...only move for black is Qxd4+...

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    Nice, thanx for sharing...

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    front page!  at long last!

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    a bit easy

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    Pretty fitting title. That one move hurt...

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    Cool queen sacrifice to deflect the black rook from guarding the 8th rank.

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    skba_07 wrote:



     What... this game should be over move four. QueenxF7#

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    2 r.s vs. Q&r, where rooks are unsupported is little like O.K corral with water guns.....

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