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4/19/2012 - Sucker Punch

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    nice and easy

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    Surprised WOW COOL !!!

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    Yellvery nice corny!

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    With the title, this was easy for a Thursday puzzle.  Of course, black could have chosen to move his king instead of being suckered into capturing white's queen and abandoning control of the eighth rank, but it would not have saved him.

    1. ... Kb8,   2, Qxe8#
    1. ... Kd8,   2. Qd7#

    Interestingly, the first time I looked at 1. Qd6+  Rxd6, it was with the idea of some kind of 2. Nxd6 - hoping for a fork, (enabling a knight fork of Queen and King or another vital piece is a common sucker punch in chess), but I immediately saw that would be no fork and would open escape squares for the king.  Then I saw that black was in no position to effectively defend the 8th rank, once the rook came down.

    EDIT:  I think a true "sucker punch" would be if offer of queen sacrfice were not forced, but just seemed too good to pass up.   In this case, black was not "suckered" into capturing the queen, he was virtually "forced" to do so.

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    The ole' famous Queen Sacrifice!

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    skba_07 wrote:

     WOW COOL !!!

    Ahmad Jais (Sek Keb Bagan Ajam) (1) vs. Boon Cheng (Chuang Hua 1 ) (2)
    IN DAERAH COMPETTITION FOR-41 | 31 | Round 3| Apr 10 | 1-0

    I can't believe two players would actually play a line like this.  Were there some kind of rules against capturing the queen and/or against initial moves 2 squares by a pawn?  Was the competition to see who could make the worst blunders? (my attempts to show the line presented by skba_07 don't work)

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    Good one!

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    step by step, inch by inch

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    slowhare wrote:

    Title gave it totally away.

    Qxc6 works too, only move for black is Qxd4+ followed by being wiped out.

    So you're telling me that Qxc6 works too for mate-in-4.  Really?

    Please, so tell me what's your followup to get mate that quickly after the black queen takes the knight?  Just get the rook off that bank rank and be done with it.  How does this move work as well?

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    nice one

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    good one

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    Got it!

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    black really sucks if he falls for that...

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    Very Simple


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