4/19/2012 - Sucker Punch

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    good one

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    Got it!

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    black really sucks if he falls for that...

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    Very Simple

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    I wish my opponents were as easy.

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    Too easy.

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    Wow! I wonder what game you would find this in. I just don't see this happening for real.

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    That is just plain brutal!

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    nice motiff

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    4. Rxe8#

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    I love it when a low low low rated player always comments on these things and says "Easy, that was too simple!" By low, I mean below 1000. This is isn't hard, granted, but it definitely was not easy by any measure. You have to come to terms with the idea of letting your queen go, which most players even at 1700 have a hard time trusting their own tactics when it comes to that.


    I wouldn't do that move in this game because of ...Qxd4+. This gives black the initiative and the choice to take the knight or not. Don't take the queen yet though, as mate will still happen. Black is in a fine position if he takes on d4.

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    nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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