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4/20/2012 - Mate in 3

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    first  page ...yeah !!

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    great puzzle.

    I need a favor: Would someone please explain to me the point behind making 9 empty posts, like writing 9 nine times in 9 different posts or some such odd and silly use of a space that essentially belongs to everybody.

    I know that chess players are normally smart; but smart people are not immune to mental illness.  Perhaps some members should be forced to take their meds before visiting the site.

    OF course if there is a deep, hidden meaning to all of this then I will visit a psychiatrist myself.  I think you have to repeat things many times fro no reason.  That is my personal opinion myself. My persaonal opinion, myself, myself, mice elf, mice elf, myself, mic elf, myself, ice elf, myself, my meds..read nine times I am too tired muce elf, mice elf.. 

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    Done at first attempt. Not too complex, not too easy.

    Good one for me.

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    Prativa.. could you stop spamming?

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    I love the knight move especially. Setting the base for the assault.

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    queen saved!

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    Queen and Knight are great attacking pieces together. This problem demonstrates that.

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    Problem is quite good.

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    nice one

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    ghillan wrote:

    Prativa.. could you stop spamming?

    I second that emotion, motion..

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    Nice puzzle.

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    very nice puzzle.

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    hmm :)

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    Good one!

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    Cool O.K.


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