4/20/2012 - Mate in 3

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    good puzzle,and its FRIDAY!!!

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    Why do people say; FIRST! and; SECOND!?? Do they think that they are the first ever person in the world to solve the puzzle?

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    great puzzle.

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    pyramider wrote:

    great puzzle.

    I need a favor: Would someone please explain to me the point behind making 9 empty posts, like writing 9 nine times in 9 different posts or some such odd and silly use of a space that essentially belongs to everybody.

    I know that chess players are normally smart; but smart people are not immune to mental illness.  Perhaps some members should be forced to take their meds before visiting the site.

    OF course if there is a deep, hidden meaning to all of this then I will visit a psychiatrist myself.  I think you have to repeat things many times fro no reason.  That is my personal opinion myself. My persaonal opinion, myself, myself, mice elf, mice elf, myself, mic elf, myself, ice elf, myself, my meds..read nine times I am too tired muce elf, mice elf.. 

    They should be banned from posting on the dailies. Makes it inconvenient for anyone wishing to discuss the problem.

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    this site needs a button attatched to ppl's comments, like youtube facebook and other public forum sites so you can give negative votes to them...

    maybe attatch it to some mechanism that will then limit these people's access/priveliges within the site like ability to make posts temporaraly suspended or something... more severe for repeat offenses.


    on the main subject: nice puzzle i like this kind of hidden & revealed attacks.

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    Very nice!

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    Relatively simple puzzle.

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    11kgm wrote:

    why not take with the bishop?

    Discovered check by white's bishop.

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    prativa_pralh wrote:
    You have two puzzles on the first page - they are identical, except that the board is reversed on the second one.  But your "solution" on the first puzzle is less efficient than the mate-in-2 solution on the second puzzle.  It's hard to consider such overkill situations as puzzles anyway.
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    Moves are so obvious and straightforward it wasnt much of a puzzle. For beginners its OK. But almost all these puzzles are like that lately. Chess.com should change the puzzle section name to 'Beginners corner'.

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    nice comination of pieces with power of pin

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    superb mate

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    prativa_pralh wrote:
    1. Rg1+, Kf5
    2. Qg4 mate is much quicker!
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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    You posted many "puzzles."  It would have been better to go for quality rather than quantity.

    On your second "puzzle" on page 2, white's victory depends on black's blunder right at the start.

    Black could have moved 1. ... Bd5+, forcing 2. b3  Rxe7 and a win for black.

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    Good puzzle!

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    2...g5 would be a better resistance for Black, though after 3.hg# it is still mate in 3.

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    prativa.....Queen g4+ mate ,following rf1+(black rook is pinned

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