4/20/2012 - Mate in 3


Good one

prativa_pralh wrote:

Ya, you're puzzle is wrong there smart guy. Maybe spend less time spamming and you would've seen. Queen to G4 on move 2 would have been Checkmate for white.


The great mate starts with a pawn move (like a journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step)


nice one


too easy

prativa_pralh wrote:

Why not 3.Bxe4?

Seems to me that that works too.


As easy as 3.14159265... oh wait, wrong one...


[FEN "3r1b2/p2k4/1p3pp1/1NP1n3/1B2P1n1/2PpPbK1/PR1P4/7r b - - 0 1"]

3r1b2/p2k4/1p3pp1/1NP1n3/1B2P1n1/2PpPbK1/PR1P4/7r b - - 0 1

Black to move and mate in 3....please list all variations in the answer (this was from an actual game I played last night.

"Great u solved it, but you didn't list all the possible variations...the white king can actually go to two squares...Kh3 or Kh4 without being mated in two (with 3. Rg8+ Kf4  4. Bh6++)as after Bxc5 any any all legal moves in the position by white lead to Rh8++...white doesn't have to take back with his/her bishop.

So how many 3 move mating variations are there....still counting. Actual game went 3. Rb8+ Kf4 4. Bh6++. I was hoping he would have played the best defense with Kh3 or Kh4 (though he was lost anyhow).

PS: By the way the white king can't go to h2 after my Rg1+ as you listed in the (much abbreviated solution)

PSS: I'm simply amazed at the reply posts which state they found the puzzle easy as no one did as I asked and listed the (massive list) of 3 move variations leading to mate in 3 by black! I'm still counting all possible three-move variations myself which makes this chess puzzle a "pain in the arse" to "properly" solve by listing all 3 move mates in the position (required for any mate-in-? puzzle)...easy?


nice puzzle


had to be!!


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CaissaGod wrote:

Black to move and mate in 3....please list all variations in the answer (this was from an actual game I played last night.

Congrats on your win Caissa.


Sweet moves Tongue out


Nice one, not much difficult for me



pyramider wrote:

great puzzle.

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Good one.


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Very nice... I like it!


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