4/20/2012 - Mate in 3

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    pyramider wrote:

    great puzzle.

    I need a favor: Would someone please explain to me the point behind making 9 empty posts, like writing 9 nine times in 9 different posts or some such odd and silly use of a space that essentially belongs to everybody.

    I know that chess players are normally smart; but smart people are not immune to mental illness.  Perhaps some members should be forced to take their meds before visiting the site.

    OF course if there is a deep, hidden meaning to all of this then I will visit a psychiatrist myself.  I think you have to repeat things many times fro no reason.  That is my personal opinion myself. My persaonal opinion, myself, myself, mice elf, mice elf, myself, mic elf, myself, ice elf, myself, my meds..read nine times I am too tired muce elf, mice elf.. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    BRATiva has made me aware of several things:

    1.  The people who post "First" and spam never read the "Please be helpful, relevant and nice" message, even though it's directed squarely at them.

    2.  The people who work in the HP call center really have too much time on their hands; God forbid they help people with their computer problems.

    3.  People who are desperate for attention do desperate things.

    As far as the puzz, I enjoyed it, especially the double-check.  Unusually mellow for a Friday edition though.

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    ok... but I missed the double check...

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    Nice One!

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    Very good puzzles, thanx for sharing...

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    its to easy

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    second puzzle I solved in two moves....Rg1+...Kf5 then Qg5+ mate

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    umeshvrindavanam97 wrote:

    second puzzle I solved in two moves....Rg1+...Kf5 then Qg5+ mate

    You are correct - it is a two move solution but with Qg4 not g5 which the queen cannot reach !

    I've yet to come across one of 'prativa's' puzzles that has a sensible solution  lol.

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    nice mate

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    Great.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    This game was played with me as white and without my queen (only one of my 5 opponents will accept queen odds...the other four refuse saying that if they win they don't want the reason to be that I wasn't playing without my queen but they had beat me fair and square on even terms!). I cannot remember the entire game as casual chess nobody wants to take the time and inconvenience of recording their moves, but I can tell you how the position arose. I started from this position with black to move:


    The game went 1. ...Qxh5 2. Rc7 a5? [Qe5+!!] (which leads to my mate in 6. Notice via the diagram above how I missed an easy win with 2. Bc5+ winning black's queen as I threaten mate in 3 if black's decides to move his king versus the queen taking my bishop. My 2. Rc7?! was a dubious move as 2. ...Qe5+ forking my rook and king sends my rook back to c3. Lamenting over my missed 2. Bc5+, I have composed another problem based on this same position with a few minor piece changes. With queen odds the score now is: 99-7-32... and even playing against a weaker player without a queen, it was quite challenging to maintain a 3-1 ratio lead.
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    Hopefully this isn't too hard:

    r2n1k1r/p1R3p1/5pP1/7q/1N6/PB2BP2/K4P2/3R4 w - - 0 1


    I wanted to create a more challenging mate than the original MATE-N-6, but still easy enough somebody out there could and wouldn't mind solving it. ENJOY Laughing 
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    Finally, after finding a workaround to public libraries whose web browser security features prevent the use of Java  (bummer!), I was able to repost my original MATE-N-3 from last week without going thru a 3rd party...who solved this problem originally by showing only 2 of the solutions versus the entire 5. I'm reposting as it is still a jewel-in-the-Nile of MATE-N-3's. Enjoy :)

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    Opening Trap 101:

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    This was a very interesting queenless game by me as white had black not taken the h2 pawn to escape the ensuing queen fork and played at 3000+elo like the Houdini 2 engine...white would have won but suprisingly the game would have lasted over 40 moves longer.







    Below is Houdini 2 starting as Black playing against itself from the same position with black hanging on increduously for 40+ moves:


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