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4/23/2012 - Mate in 3

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    A powerful 1-2-3 punch.  The bishop covering the g8 square is as good as the classic smothered check with a black piece (usually a rook) blocking king's escape to there.  After 2.Rh2+, Black moves ... Bh6, interposing AND opening g7 as an escape square.  But, unfortunately for black, white's Queen is poised to capture that Bishop, both removing the interposition and preventing the escape to g7.  Checkmate.

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    this is for rokie.this is a very easy problem.

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    This reminds me of Fischer's principle against the Dragon - pry open the King Rook file, sac, sac, mate

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    Second base...page

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    Nice puzzle, but it is easy.. Thanks.

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    Mic wrote:

    easy, I agree, but I wonder if I would see it if I were in this position in a game

    Good point.  Sacrificing a Rook is not the first move that comes to mind.

    I think I would see it if there were no time pressure, because I would be very aware of the availability of the d2 Rook to slide over and check.

    In time pressure situation, I might settle on something else (1.Rdh2, stacking my rooks,  or  Bf7, hoping to gain material).  But if I have some time to at least look at 1.Rxh7+, it hard to miss the forced ... Kxh7 and the foillow up 2.Rh2+.  At that point I'm vulnerable to ...Re1+ as well as Black's threat on my c2 pawn, IF Black can get out of check, but his only way out is interposing his Bishop, and there sits my queen.

    The real key for me is to be aware of my Bishop blocking Black King's escape to g8.

    EDIT: By the way, a quick look at the 1.Bf7 line, shows that 1. ... Rf8 makes that a disastrous move - UNLESS white proceeds with 2.Rxh7+, 3.h2+, and 4.Qxh6#.   If Black foresees that line, he might , instead,
    play 1. ... Be5, threatening white's Queen and opening g7 as an escape square.  Now, 2. Rxh7+ Kxh7  3.Rh2+  Kg7, and it looks bad for White.
    One line:  4.Qh6+  Kxf7, 5.Qh7+  Kf8, 6.Qh6+  Qg7 (ahead a Rook and a Bishop, less a pawn, Black is happy to trade Queens). There are too many possibilities from that point, but they all add up to a win for Black.

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    Nice puzzle ..Easy one

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    That was easy

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    pretty easy for a puzzle

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    Easy but if you play its different story:)

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    Too easy.

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    to easy

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    the puzzle works today!

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    SO EASY PUZZLE........


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