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4/24/2012 - Mate in 4

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    prativa_pralh wrote:
    2... Rf8

    What if 2... d5

    Think that should stop the mate in 4...

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    some times knight can be menacing...

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    nice and easy

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    Interesting manipulation of the knight to chekcmate.

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    Realy nice one!

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    Interesting variation, but not the most forcing one.

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    very good

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    Murrth wrote:
    raiderluver wrote:

    The first move was a little tricky, but everything else fell into place.

    Heh... I felt the complete opposite.

    I, like Murrth, felt the first move was the absolute easiest.  My hardest decision was to bypass the chance to fork the King and Queen on move 3 (and capture the Queen on move 4)  Knowing it was "mate in 4" saved me from that error.  That MIGHT have given me an eventual win, but it would be no sure thing.

    The second move was pretty easy; every move had to be a check - black had too many ready moves that would spoil anything I would try to set up with a non-checking second move.  For instance:
    1. Qh6+  Ke8
    2. Qg7?   d5   .........  and anything white was planning is ruined.

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    Move 2, What is wrong with Bf7 check. Then KxB, then Qg7 for mate?


    Never mind.. I see the King escape path Ke6

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    A good puzzle.  No fancy sacrifices, just good piece movement and teamwork.

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    Thanks.  More knight practice. :)

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    nice - 5th page LOL


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