4/24/2012 - Mate in 4

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    actually move 3 would be Qxg6+, and you can mate with the knight or the queen next move.  The way you have it, the king can take back at f8 leaving you down and dead.

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    Thanks for the lesson!

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    page 9!

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    wouldn't Qh6, Ng7+, Ne6+  also work.  

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    y not mate wit tha bishop in 2 moves?Surprised

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    Q h6+     Ke8
    Kn g7+     Kf8
    Kn e6+  KL e8
    Q f8 Mate 

    this also works, even though the puzzle said it was incorrect
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    rbk1 wrote:

    good one!

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    really cant solved it..if Q takes rook king takes Q why take it by knigth of course youll be mate i dont understand this move???

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    i just give u this im gonna mate u by pawn..if not i lost the game...ha ha ha

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    That's the essence of chess playing....mating the opponent successfully!

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    this is not a good one...move of king  will not not satisfy the checkmate requirement....

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    could have taken the queen if instead on move 3 you played Ne6+

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    Smart knight. 

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    nice one but your solution hinges on the NxQ , but the K could take the Q too and in which case the attack falls flat

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