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4/25/2013 - Mate in 4

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    why couldn't black take rook with pawn?

  • #143

    Winknice mate this one was slightly challenging

    keep up the hard puzzles!

  • #144

    Got it 1st

  • #145

    works only if black takes back with the king and not the pawn which would be the better move.

  • #146

    This is pretty good!

  • #147

    first page, close look reveals only way

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  • #149

    got it also in 1 try.

  • #150

    a pity that the 4-move machine line was chosen over the critical line after 1...gxh6.

  • #151

    too easyy

  • #152

    didn't get it first pop, got it second pop.. nice puzzle Laughing

  • #153

    The pawn mate

    3 ... Kg6 4 f5#

    would have been much more aesthetically pleasing.  

  • #154

    Not hard

  • #155

    What happens if rook takes h6 and then pawn takes rook? Don't the chances look better for black?

  • #156

    Would wouldn't black take the rook with the pawn instead?

  • #157

     I'm still learning by trial and errors...lots of errors. This was good for seeing through the play to the end result!

  • #158

    Nice puzzle but first page.

  • #159

    nice mate

  • #160

    I have to work more on calculation. I got the checkmate if the king took the rook, but couldn't work out what would happen if the pawn took the rook. Nevertheless, that's further forward than I would have been a year ago.

    Oh well....

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