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4/25/2013 - Mate in 4

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    This time Your puzzle is marvellous ......

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    I found two solutions, this is the other, with Queen sac and shorter:
    gxh6 2. Qh8+ Nxh8 3.Bf5#

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    james_at_chess escribió:

    What happens if rook takes h6 and then pawn takes rook? Don't the chances look better for black?

    1.Rxh6+ gxh6 2. Qh8+ Nxh8 3.Bf5#

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    Good fun!    =)

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    The Greco's Mate!  A common method of checkmating.  The checkmate is named after the famous Italian Gioachino Greco!!  It works as above mentioned by; using the Bishop to contain the Black King by use of the Black's (g7) pawn/King Knights Pawn: and subsequently using the Queen to Checkmate the King by moving it to the edge of the board!   Greco's Mate; Check it out!  Thanks for the lessons.  Chess.com is the Best!!!!!

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    Hmm... now I see your point. I didn´t see the queen sacrifice using the Greco Mate.

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    way to go

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    stephen_33 wrote:
    Be_Patient wrote:

    I was wondering what happens if 1...gxh6 and then I realized it comes a beautiful queen sacrifice: 2.Qg8+ Kxg8 for a great mate with the two bishops: 3.Bf5#. Two sacrifice variants, excellent problem !!

    I think you mean 2...Nxg8 3.Bf5# ?, because 2...Kxg8 would be an illegal move!

    Yeah, of course, Nxg8, typing mistake, thks ! ;)

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    Not difficult & nice

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    Why not 3. Kg6 after 3. Qh4+?


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