4/26/2014 - Spielmann - Van Den Bosch, Europe 1935

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    dfssdsd6767 wrote:
    samitto wrote:

    what about Qa7 ? mat in 2 ?!!!

    then queen replys qxh2+

    Why is Qxa7 not the winning move exacly?  The only thing I see black can do after Qxa7 is Qxh2+, white responds with Kf1 and black queen follows down with Qh1+, but after Ke2 black seems to have run out of resources, and white has a mate in 2.....what am I missing?  ----- Nevermind - Just saw Qxg2+, and it's all over for white....

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    Eh, after making the correct first move the puzzle locks up, black does not move :(

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    why is there an extra line down

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    easy puzzle

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