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4/27/2012 - Mate in 3

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    that puzzle by pravita pralh is not won it is not a forced move to take the  knight

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    tooooo easy

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    immm. hard to imagine this queen sack..

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    Powerful!  If Black does not capture the Queen, the next move can be 2.Qg4#  or  2.Qg5#.  Black can protect one of these mating squares, but not both. So black captures, 1. ... exf4.  But now, the f4 square is unprotected, and 2.Nxf4+ forces 2. ... Kh4, and closes off both h5 and h3 as escape squares.  White's rook is protected by his f-pawn as he moves to 3.Rg4#

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    jenningsnickolas wrote:

    Another possible solution
    1.Nxf4+ exN [.. Kh4 2. Nxg6+ Kh5 [..Kh3 3.Qg4+ Kxh2 4. Qg2#] 3. Qf5#]
    2.Qd5+ Kh4 [.. g5 3.Qxg5#]
    3. Qg5+ Kh3
    4. Qg3#

    More complex, but works.

    foucheta wrote:

    I don't understand why Nf4+ doesn't work.

    If - exf4 2. Qd5+ Kh4 3.Qg5+ Kh3 4 Qg4++

    if Kh4 2Nxg3+ Kh3 or Kh5 3.Qg4++

    MuamerAlic wrote:

    Doesn't 1.Nxf4+ win in the same amount of moves also?

    Since after 1...exf4 2.Qxf4 it's checkmate next move. 1...Kh4 leads to Rg4#

    lph wrote:
    1. Nxf4+ exf4 2. Qd5+ ( 2. Qxf4 g5 3. Qxg5# ) 2... g5 3. Qxg5#

    This should cover everything.  All the variations that you asked about for why 1. Nxf4+ fails should be in there.

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    very nice

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    difficult to guess the first move...

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    Q sacrifice!

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    mat in 3 Undecided

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    way easier than Qg4/Qg5...

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    When all else fails in a chess.com puzzle... Queen sac!

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    MetalK wrote:

    there are two solutions to the puzzle.

    Nxf4+ pxf4 Qxf4 and there is no way to stop mate in the next move. 

    2.... Qe7+ certainly prevents mate in the next move - and probably ruins the whole attack.  After white protects or moves his king, black might advance his pawn from g6, and white's chances for winning are doubtful (and certainly no mate in 3).

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    Not too tough, I knew it involved in a queen sacrifices but I didn't see the rook move

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    Good puzzle; good day.

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    Azkadazian wrote:

    I found Qxf4 as my first move, but the puzzle didn't let me do this! So I tried literally every single move, and nothing worked, so I had to click help. Did anyone have this problem?

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that happened to me.  But I must confess that Qxf4 was NOT MY FIRST try (I tried checking with the Queen and with the Knight before I tried that).  But I was pretty sure that I had already tried it when finally "help" told me that was the correct first move.

    Edit:  AFTER 1. ...  exf4, the rest of the line was very clear and easy.  It was that first move that had me stumped - especially after I had my every try (Including, I'm pretty sure, 1.Qxf4) rejected.

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    tough for a mate in 3

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