4/29/2012 - Mate in 3

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    This puzzle was really easy.  Sort of like all you guy's mommas.  OH YEAH!  No but in all seriousness I'm sure everyone who reads this comment has a very lovely mother who isn't promiscuous in the least.  I'm sorry about my previous comment, that was innapropriate of me.

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    Got it...finally

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    Good Puzzle...

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    Good Puzzle.

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    Money mouth

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    9ice 1

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    easy puzzle but i liked it still. keep em comin'

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    not sure if easy, or exactly the same of last game

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    noyona786 wrote:

    it's a funny puzzle. I see a clear cut win for the black

    Maybe the next game.

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    I think that today's puzzle was easy.

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    Bryan681972 wrote:
    Gromit wrote:

    An interesting "sub-puzzle" is what was Black's Last Move?

    Assuming that Black does not normally miss one move mates, then there can only be one possible last move!

    Must be bishop from b4 to a3.

    Yes - that was the move I was thinking of!

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    Genious.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    nice puzzle easy win]']']

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