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4/29/2012 - Mate in 3

  • #141

    easy, i first thought.

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    nice oneSmile

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    I didnt no i was that good

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    easy stuff

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    Extremely obvious!

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    simple as pie but coolSmile

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    cool puzzelCool

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    2 easy

  • #154
    Gromit wrote:

    An interesting "sub-puzzle" is what was Black's Last Move?

    Assuming that Black does not normally miss one move mates, then there can only be one possible last move!

    Must be bishop from b4 to a3.

  • #155

    We that was funCool

  • #156

    panicked for a sec when i saw the knight move. I thought the king would take the bishop. Either way was mate in 3 I guess

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    noyona786 wrote:

    it's a funny puzzle. I see a clear cut win for the black

    True, but white keeps black in check until the checkmate, keeping black from making that move.

  • #158

    The position was made perfectly for white mate...easy.

  • #159
    raiderluver wrote:

    Why wouldn't the black king or rook take the white bishop? 

    it would still end up the same...

  • #160
    raiderluver wrote:

    Why wouldn't the black king or rook take the white bishop? 

    It's same thing, than you have mate by Qh7 defended by the rock at h1.


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