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4/5/2012 - Mate in 3

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    raydog1977 wrote:

    that made no sense....his queen would've killed my queen as her first move.  am i missing something??

    I'm in the boat with you!  I think we must be missing something, though I can see it.

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    very nice

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    why not black qween take white queen???!!

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    Solved my first chess puzzle! Laughing

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    not bad

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    Useful thread - now I know the difference between Decoy & Deflection & this was certainly the latter !

    See post #143 by Jeffmon for the link to the Wikipedia chess glossary page: It's a really informative resource.

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    Why didnt the Black Queen take the White Queen after the first move, when the Black King was in check?

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    Clever but easy after the first move.

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    First rate

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    great puzzle, 

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    Killer first move; the white queen is untouchable, so the black king gotta move... so the back rank mate becomes possible.

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    Medium.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    -ice wrote:

    Instead of asking the same questions over and over again, why don't those who did not understand the puzzle completely read the previous posts by fellow Chess.com members to see if maybe they have already asked the same question you are asking yourself, and there you can find the answer! If you are just writing it to get profile Points, then a simple, "Great puzzle" suffices. If you have something new to share, then please do so. 

    Best post ever. Ice is my new hero.

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    took me a while... good first move though.

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    sort - of easy

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