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4/6/2011 - Paul Michelet, diagrammes, 1996

  • #61

    mean draw :) (when not under promoting)

  • #62

    Why would promoting a pawn to queen result in a stalemate?

  • #63

     nice one and you will get mistake if you don't consider the board position......

  • #64

    Nice one. Tricky. Underpromotions always make good puzzles.

  • #65

    Nice puzzle...I missed the underpromotion.

  • #66

    Got it!

  • #67

    Very Clever.

  • #68

    NiCE under-promo!!!

    I believe that I myslef am underpromoted.  I may be sacraficed for some useless task, but when the time comes to show my true colors, I get the mate!!! YEA BABY!!!

  • #69

    Very nice puzzle :)

  • #70

    Nice puzzle

  • #71

    quite nice. The bishop pin was good. All the moves until the underpromotion were logical, but I admit I tried to promote to Queen first, the knight move by black was a nice stalemate trap.

  • #72

      Enjoying the puzzles, keep them coming.

  • #73

    infinite19 No, you could not promote to bishop, that would also be a stalemate.

    forex_trader The king is stuck with no legal move, the pawn is stuck behind the knight and if you promote to Queen, the knight is pinned to black's king. That leaves black with no legal move, hence, stalemate!

  • #74

    Nice puzzle.

  • #75

    Promotion to knight or bishop or queen only produces draw or stalemate.

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  • #77

    i cudnt get the pawn move cuz i didnt kno witch way the pawns were going!!!!! sides tht it was e z

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  • #79

    Wow.  Nice.

  • #80

    If u had take a qeen in real match, u hade been a stupig f**** idiot..


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