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4/6/2012 - Mate in 6

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    Very nice problem, enjoyed it..

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    Heil! Frigg. Delight!Smile This One Wasn't Easy. Finally I Got Attention! Aufmerksamkeit! Achtung! Feind Hört Mit! Good Friday Good Puzzle. El Crucificado! Today I'm Afraid Landsdomur, We're Crucifying Geir Haarde, The Former Prime Minister Of Iceland In Reykjavik, At The GyrfalconHousesHill. It Isn't Funny. He's Got My Sympathy. I Am A Sjalfstaedismadur Too! Nice Puzzle

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    This is all about checking.

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    This isn't a sacrafice problem. My brother is right.

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    Keeping the pressure on!

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    That is a relentless King hunt :O

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    RenataCFC wrote:

    Good lord the calculation on this one was brutal.  I saw the right idea with the first two knight moves pretty quickly, but the "mate in 4" title was still up at the time, and by the time I came back to it and saw "mate in 6" I'd moved off onto a half dozen other ineffective options.

    I got back there eventually, but was pretty much out of steam.  I think I'd have gotten it right if you held a gun to my head, but not calculated out entirely as it should be.

    I'd love to see more puzzles like this one.  It would be almost trivial with an analysis board, but to hold it all in your head for six moves is right on the bleeding edge of my capabilities at the moment.

    I just can calculate to the end on only a few of the easiest puzzles.  i can only look for what I hope is my best next move.  In fact, I often purposely
    avoid looking at the title so it is more like a game situation.  I don't feel too bad about it when I have a reasonably efficient winning line, but fall short of the "best" (quickest) mating line.

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    Interesting puzzle

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    Odinnhs wrote:
    1.Qh1+  Qh2, 2.Qxh2+ Bh3, 3. Qxh3+ Rh5, 4.Qxh5+ Nh7, 5.d5#

    A Nice line,  but I can't believe black would do those helpless interposes at those points. 

    Please show us how it is Mate In 5 if black moves 1. ... Kg7

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    ndskykng wrote:
    Kris915 wrote:

    First ? Last ? Who cares! :)


     Yeah, I know. The first thing is stupid.

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    BTW, no hints, no wrongs. Easy.

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    Really nice... Happy Birthday ..... to ME!

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    Decent. I hate the find the checkmate sort of stuff.

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    super easy for someone at JH Novice.

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    That was an epic puzzle XD

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    awesome but easy

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    i hope tommorrow's will be more challenging, these puzzles will totally help me move to section 29(k-12 reserve)!

    and open too!


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