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4/8/2014 - Mate in 2

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    UnsuitableUniverse escribió:

    you know papayeye i think it is Qg3#

    Sorry, Qg3# is right

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    это просто бред!!! потому как дураком надо быть, чтобы двигать пешку , вместо того, чтобы сделать ход королем. тут. пусть автор сам мне поставит мат в два хода, я буду играть чёрными

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    melogibbo wrote:
    NomadicKnight wrote:
    humptyboy wrote:

    first!... well not quite... fourth!

    At which post did you start counting from? LOL 

    such a loser, does his lame atomic watch quote as usual then scans the 1st page for comments after.  Berated someone recently for not finishing the puzzle before commenting, oh the irony.

    So sad... still upset over nothing apparently... get a life.

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    good one.Cool

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    Rook takes bishop, simple

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    DaLoser777 wrote:


    You wish


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