5/11/2018 - H.Walkewitz, 4th Prize, Schach 1977

dufferps wrote:

Once again, the continuation - using black's best options - should be shown.  Yes, the puzzle is "solved" after move 5 in the sense that White wins by making all the correct subsequent moves.  In that case, why have the puzzle?  It is "solved" before move 1.








The puzzle stops after 5. Bg5+ because it is directly after that move that black either gets checkmated or loses the queen, this time with a lost game instead of a drawn game.  These clearly losing for black scenarios are the only two possible outcomes after 5. Bg5+ and this was not the case after any of the first four moves by white.

That being said I agree with you that the puzzle should have been extended until it was demonstrated that the win for white was obvious.  Your line of 5...Qd2 6. Bxd2+ Kxd2 7. Qb2+ would have been a good way to end the puzzle and is exactly where I ended my analysis. 

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2...Qa3 is illegal because Black Queen is pinned by White Bishop 

He was asking about 2. Qa3 for white (a legal move) but black is not forced to play 2...Kb1 allowing 3. Qxb2#.  Black's queen does have one legal move 2...Qxc3 and after 3. Qxc3+ Kb1 we have a book draw.

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HisDudenessX wrote:

No one would actually play that way

It is an actual game.


No, he's right in a way as this was a composed endgame study.  This did not come from an actual game.

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you asked why Bf6?

That’s what Rocky64 wrote below:


The main point of this study seems to be how only 2.Bf6! works and nothing else:

2.Bxb2+? Kxb2 leads to a standard Q vs RP draw. 2.Bd4? Qxd4+ 3.Qxd4+ Kb1 ditto. 2.Be5? the best try which cuts off the WQ on the 5th rank - 2...Kb1! and now 3.Qf5+ is impossible and W has no good checks left, so Black draws. BTW, not 2...Qxe5?? 3.Qc1 mate. 2.Bg7?? Qxg7+ the check gains a tempo and Black wins! 2.Bh8? Kb1! 3.Qf5+ Qc2 4.Qb5+ Kc1 and the WB can't check on the c1-h6 diagonal as in the solution, and Black draws.

He doesn't actually say why 2. Bf6!! works here, only why the alternatives don't, although if you understand why the alternatives don't work you can probably figure out why 2. Bf6!! does.  I posted analysis in current comment #165 so perhaps seeing it visually will be helpful.




1. Qc1+ is illegal because White Queen is pinned to White King by Black Queen. 



Omg guys it’s Bc3+,Bf6,Qf5+,Qb5+, Bg5+ checkmate for white



wow!!!  That was a lot of fun!!!