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5/26/2016 - Chr. Wiehe, Nationaltidende, 1884

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    JohnTheGreek1 wrote:

    In this puzzle the first move is Qh1 and the opponent plays g6. But instead of g6 he can play his knight at f7.So,we must eat it with our king and then he can play h6 or h5 instead of g6. So the checkmate will be more than 3 moves.But I have found a shorter way to do checkmate.If the black knight at h6 didn't exist we could play Qg8#. So our first move should be Nf5. If the opponent eats our knight then we can play Qg8#. If he wont eat us and he will play his pawn then we can eat his knight and then play Qg8#.If he plays his knight at f7 then we eat it and after that, we are playing Qg8#.

    You're missing the main point of 1. Qh1 which is if black moves the knight anywhere on move one then 2. Ng6#. 

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    WGM ChessReina 1.Qh1

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    WGM ChessReina 1.Qh1-

    a) 1...Nf7 2 Ng6++mate

    b) 1...g6/g7 2. Qa1++mate

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    Interesting one!

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    AacarlosDeeDeeRobins wrote:




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