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5/11/2012 - Mate in 3

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    Easy, but nice

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    The arrangement of the pieces guides you very quickly to the solution.

    Another quite challenging puzzle from Deltaquad (see #26), albeit a bit strange this time ! I still  can't understand black's only move - I think there's a better one.

     Also unnerving is that there are three ways of mating on the second move & my first two attempts were rejected - the third finally worked ( I wish they would find a way on this site of accepting valid, alternative solutions - other sites do )

    Anyway, here's the solution as I see it:-




    Can anyone enlighten me - why 1...Nd4 ? I don't see what it achieves. At least 1...Bxe6 attacks both c4 & g4.


    I don't think that 1...,Nd4 is black's best move either.  However, white is threatening to play 1.Nxg4# and the only moves that defend against it are 1...,Rxg2 and 1...,Bxe6.  1...,Rxg2 is met by Nec4# and you already figured out the problem with 1...,Bxe6.

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    Nice and easy... all forced...

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    Wow I'm getting better at these :)

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    I have two questions. Why would a magician want to give away his tricks? Why help anyone?

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    I guess.


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    nice and easy

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    Easy one.

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    link on the main page is broken, redirects to the forum instead of the particular problem

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    Clever way to get the bishop out of the way of the rook without losing the initiative.

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    Nice queen sacrifice & rook attack.

    BTW, all the links to the puzzle are bad. Instead they go to the main forum page. I had to navigate from there to the puzzle page.

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    Very good puzzle.

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    Going back to the old first move queen sac, I see.

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     Yes, a reversion to the Chess.com "trash the queen " game style.

    How to play,

    1. Find the fastest, most direct and instantaneous means of sacing the white queen.

    2. The follow-up mateing move will become glaringly obvious.

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    I think is funny how I always log in about the same time in the day and, when the puzzle link from the main page works, I see up to 9 screens of comments. But when it's like today, that you have to surf a little, click here and there to finally get to the puzzle... I see only 4, sometimes 3 screens of comments....

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