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5/14/2012 - Mate in 3

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    Thanks for the lesson!

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    2nd way

    1-Re8 +   

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    stephen_33 wrote:
    LaConseillante wrote:
    Deltaquad wrote:

    Mate in Two

     I love a good puzzle, but this isn't one. The reasons; a mate in one with rook to h4 is a better move, taking queen is a better move, queen move is not forced and could block check by moving to d8, knight move is needless defense and counter-productive. Please consider things like this when you post a puzzle.

    Where to start ?
    First your  Rh4 is answered with 1...Bxh4
    Capturing the queen is better than forced mate ? - says who. 

    Just look at my post #65 or 'jakester's' post #86 & you'll understand how this puzzle works because you clearly don't at present !

    OK, I'll give you that my "mate in one" wouldn't work because of the bishop. But the rest is true. Moving the knight is a wasted move and accomplishes nothing. It is guarded by 2 pieces and limits the kings movement. The rook it moves to guard is already guarded by the other knight. The black queen move is pure fantasy. When you are attacking with 6 pieces it's hard not to win. Taking the queen still allows mate in the next move by sliding that same rook over the king protected by the knight. It's not a good puzzle. really. 

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    i must admit, it was tough for me

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    Puzzle is flawed! has two solutions!

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    nice one

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    Very easy.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Nice easy monday !

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    I wish people wouldn't post the answers to the daily puzzles.  One can click solution if they can't figure it out.

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    nice one. The mate in four is easy to get, but the mate in three takes a little more effort.Cool

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    Good one, thanx for sharing...

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    there is also a mate in four: Re1+ Qxe1 Qf2 Kh1 Qf1+ Qxf1 Rxf1 mate.  But this way is one move quicker.


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