5/14/2012 - Mate in 3

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    It was nice.

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    Good one.

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    puzzle was fun

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    nice but I am looking for the hardest one tbh

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    I thought I saw another mate ...

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    yeah, that was tha one...lol...Wink

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    got it!

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    Very nice.

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    it's so nice to play chess and solve the puzzles.

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    simple, but nice

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    jakester127 wrote:

    Deltaquad's puzzle on page one looks like it has an alternate solution.  It looks like Nd2 should work.  I'll show it in this diagram.



    It actually seems that there are several squares that the f3 knight can go to and still result in a mate in two.

    jake, Nd2 will be answered by f5. And no mate in two.

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    LaConseillante wrote:
    stephen_33 wrote:
    LaConseillante wrote:
    Deltaquad wrote:

    Mate in Two

     I love a good puzzle, but this isn't one. The reasons; a mate in one with rook to h4 is a better move, taking queen is a better move, queen move is not forced and could block check by moving to d8, knight move is needless defense and counter-productive. Please consider things like this when you post a puzzle.

    Where to start ?
    First your  Rh4 is answered with 1...Bxh4
    Capturing the queen is better than forced mate ? - says who. 

    Just look at my post #65 or 'jakester's' post #86 & you'll understand how this puzzle works because you clearly don't at present !

    OK, I'll give you that my "mate in one" wouldn't work because of the bishop. But the rest is true. Moving the knight is a wasted move and accomplishes nothing. It is guarded by 2 pieces and limits the kings movement. The rook it moves to guard is already guarded by the other knight. The black queen move is pure fantasy. When you are attacking with 6 pieces it's hard not to win. Taking the queen still allows mate in the next move by sliding that same rook over the king protected by the knight. It's not a good puzzle. really. 

    LaConseillante, without black queen, it would be mate in one, Rf5#. So the black queen is really not just a fantasy but serve a good guard for the white rook to directly check mate black at f5.

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    1 Nd4 Qa8, 2 Rf5

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    1 Nd4 Qa8, 2 Rf5

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    1 Nd4 Qa8, 2 Rf5

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    Not bad at all

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