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5/16/2012 - Challenging Mate in 2

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    Not exactly challenging...

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    "Challenging" is code for Queen sac

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    14 Hours ;  Alice I am going to send you to the moon.

    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Nice one.

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    another sac

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    "Challenging"... Laughing

    It is obvious that white's frst move must be check, otherwise black can give check himself. There are three possible checks checks in the position, two of which don't even have to be looked at. So, I don't think there is anything that makes this more challenging than the majority of the other mate-in-two daily puzzles.

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    i found easy

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    What about Rxd5 to be followed by Qc7#

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    some hesitation is expected to move the queen to C7...

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    good one indeed.

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    nice but easy

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    Perhaps if Chess.com didn't give away the fact that it was a Mate in 2 then it may have been challenging.

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    Cool Easy

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    Challenging ?  Not sure but I do like rook+knight mates in particular.

    As for 1.Rxd5  that's answered with a few moves that scuttle mate in two:-

    1...Qg5+ or h6+

    All of these mean there can be no mate in two after Rxd5 ! The first move must be check.

    And I just know the next post is going to ask: "Why not Rxd5?" 

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    That wasn't very challenging at all.

  • #119

    2 moves good puzzleSmile

  • #120

    Queen sac ... again! haha j/k it's all good, but perhaps more varied next time?


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